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Feel Better Box is a monthly care package for the chronically ill.

Inside every box is something yummy, something fun, something healing ... and something extra!

Feel Better Box

Our Story


Millions of Americans struggle every day with chronic physical, mental, and emotional illnesses, many of them rare, disabling, even life-threatening.  

Social isolation is a common complication of these illnesses which can be debilitating on its own. We get it. 

Feel Better Box was created by Diana Harty, a disabled woman who suffers from ME/CFS, a debilitating condition that affects her physically, mentally, and emotionally. Worse than the extreme pain and fatigue were the resulting anxiety and isolation. So many people told her to "get well soon", but nearly five years later, the condition has not abated. Feeling lonely and misunderstood, she created the Feel Better Box to reach out to others like her.

Sign up for Feel Better Box and every month we'll send you or your loved one a care package stocked with supplies for the bad days. We know you may not get well soon, but we can at least remind you that you matter. You are remembered. You are loved. We believe you can feel better, right now.

Feel Better Box is an online subscription service that sends care packages to chronically ill people, whether they suffer from physical, mental or emotional health issues. If you or someone you know is chronically ill, Feel Better Box is there to send a little box of love. Take the hassle out of choosing between brands and coming up with gift ideas with Feel Better Box. Every box contains a collection of products specifically chosen for someone who may struggle to leave their homes or who suffers from feelings of isolation. Each month new items will be carefully selected to ensure that each Feel Better Box contains something yummy, something fun, and something that heals or soothes. Order your care package online and receive a little box of love conveniently delivered to your door. Your Feel Better Box will contain only products from well known quality brands and exciting up-and-coming niche brands. Each care package is mailed using USPS Priority Mail and carefully packaged with a personal touch. The idea is to feel like a care package from a dear friend. Every Feel Better Box is sure to delight and each box will be received with excitement. Boxes arrive each month and contain hand-written notes of encouragement. A Feel Better Box also makes an easy and exciting gift with a personal touch. Each included product is personally tested by Diana, our disabled founder. From art supplies to uplift and inspire to healing balms and bath salts to sudoku puzzle books and delicious cookies and herbal teas, the Feel Better Box is carefully picked to help you to feel better now even if you aren't getting well any time soon.