Feel Better Box – Monthly Subscription

$40.00 / month

A monthly care package designed for the chronically ill. Inside every box is something yummy, something fun, something healing … and something extra!

This monthly recurring purchase will auto-renew, but can be canceled at any time and comes with free priority shipping that is set to arrive by the 18th of the following month after the order is placed.

Would you Like to Donate to Help a Stranger?

All donated money will be used to send care packages to people who have been nominated by friends or family members who may not be able to afford the cost of a feel better box themselves. If you are able, please help us to send a box of love to a stranger in need.


Every item inside our care package has been carefully chosen to lift, inspire, or soothe someone who struggles with chronic illness. Each box should feel like the presents inside were lovingly chosen by a friend who understands what you are going through and wants to remind you that you are loved and valued.

Inside every box is something yummy, something fun, something healing … and something extra! A box may contain items such as a sudoku puzzle book, a collection of origami folding papers with several project instructions, gourmet herbal tea bags, a water-proof bath pillow, or fresh baked cookies from a local bakery. For a more personal touch, there will always be a hand-made card signed by a real person.

We know how isolating and miserable it can be to suffer from illnesses and pains that may be here to stay. We wish you (or your loved one to whom we send the box) the best of health and a speedy recovery. But even if you won’t get well soon, we want you to feel better now.